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Modern Rites
A 5-Day Nature-Based Rite of Passage for Adults

July 24 - 28, 2023

Eastern Sierra, California

 Ages 18 and Up

Re-inventing Modern Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage have been used in cultures across the world for thousands of years to both mark and facilitate major life transitions. We are on a mission to re-invent rites of passage for the modern age. 


Is something new wanting to be birthed into your life? Is an old way of being or chapter of life coming to an end? This 5-day rite of passage is an opportunity for you to drop deep beneath the surface of your psyche, to articulate and understand the transition you’re in, and to gain profound insight into who you are and what’s next. We'll work together to design an experience specifically for you, according to your priorities, challenges, and practices. 


Using a mix of counseling psychology, the power of group dynamics and temporary community, self-designed ritual, natural altered-state practices like breathwork, and embodiment practices, we’ll build a  experience that will culminate in a 24-hour solo fast in the wilderness of the Sierras. Upon return to our beautiful home base, Montaia Basecamp, we’ll focus on integrating your experience and support you in taking your next steps in your life. 


The retreat takes place in at Montaia Basecamp in the High Sierras just south of Yosemite. We begin Monday, July 24th at 5pm and completes on Friday Jul 28th at 1pm, with an option to extend your stay at Montaia basecamp for another night or two to aid in integration.

Who is this retreat for?

This journey is for you IF...


  • You’re experiencing a major transition in one or more areas of your life: at home, in your relationships, in your work or vocation, your spirituality, family, or any other area of your development. 

  • You desire dedicated, uninterrupted time to dive deep into your inner world and clarify and facilitate the next steps in your life

  • You find time in nature is already deeply nurturing and want more time in the wilderness

  • You want to join a supportive community, dedicated to personal development and living lives in line with their identities and values

  • You have your own personal practice

  • You’re 18 years or older

  • You’re down for an adventure and a challenge (and even excited!): can carry a 25lb+ backpack 5 miles into the backcountry, complete a 24-hour fast (optional, based on health), along with 24 hours of solitude in the wilderness. 

The Retreat

Rites of Passage traditionally are divided into three stages: Preparation and Severance from your normal, daily life, a Descent and Initiation, where you seek insight into what’s holding you back and what’s emerging in your life, and the Return, where you are supported in carrying back and integrating your insights into your life and community. 


Preparation & Severance

The retreat will begin with two online zoom sessions in the two weeks before the programming to begin to build community, start our journey together and get oriented. We’ll arrive at Montaia Basecamp on Monday by 5pm, where we’ll spend time preparing for the journey both psychologically and physically, and open the retreat together. 


Descent and Initiation

Tuesday morning we’ll do somatic and breathwork practices to deepen our understanding of where we’re headed, and on the afternoon on Tuesday we’ll drive together to a nearby trailhead and backpack a few miles into the backcountry, set up a basecamp and prepare for your 24 hour wilderness solo experience. You’ll leave basecamp in silence on Wednesday morning at sunrise for your solo. You’ll spend 24 hours alone in the wilderness, through the night, sitting with yourself and the biggest questions in your life. 


The Return and Integration

Thursday morning at sunrise you’ll return to basecamp. We’ll break fast, rest, begin to share stories and harvest insights from your solos, and return to Montaia in the afternoon to rest and integrate. Friday morning we’ll travel to hot springs for sunrise, spend the rest of the morning landing next steps, gratitudes and closing, and depart at 1pm. 


If you’d like, you can book extra nights of accommodation at Montaia Basecamp for Friday and Saturday night.


In the weeks following the retreat, we’ll host integration zoom calls to help you land back home with clarity. 

Your Facilitators

The Location

Montaia Basecamp is a regenerative co-living space and retreat center nestled in the heart of the Eastern Sierra. Their back door opens into millions of acres of the Inyo National Forest, one of the most beautiful and wildest wilderness expanses in the country. There are hundreds of trails and world-class rock climbing within an hour’s drive. The closest towns are Mammoth Lakes and Bishop, California.

We'll begin and end the retreat at Montaia Basecamp, and spend the middle of the retreat in the beautiful backcountry mountains of the Eastern Sierras. 

Image by Kyle Glenn
Image by Matt Artz

July 24 - 28, 2023 


If you have any questions or want to talk to see if this is a good fit, fill out the contact form below or email me at

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