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Psychotherapy & Transformational Education

1:1 Therapy & Coaching

Scholarships Available

Virtual & In-Person in New York

Group Psychedelic Therapy

Group Psychotherapy & 1:1 Integration, Virtual & In-Person

Adult Education & Consulting

For Therapists & K-12 Educators


1:1 Psychotherapy & Coaching

Get the Support You Need to Thrive

Access affordable counseling to support your growth and transformation


I provide individualized 1:1 counseling and coaching to help you define and meet your goals in all areas of your life, to navigate your personal, social, or professional challenges with support, and to assist you in building the confidence and clarity it takes to thrive. 

Click below to learn more about my counseling background and approach or book a free 30-minute intro session to meet and see if we're a good fit. 

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Rites of Passage

Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy
Accelerate Your Growth with Safe & Effective Treatment
Ages 18 and Up

This past year I co-founded Kinship Community Practice, a private group practice based in Brooklyn, New York, to offer offer group ketamine-assisted psychotherapy ceremonies monthly in Williamsburg, and to see private 1:1 clients for ketamine sessions and psychedelic integration support in our office space in Greenpoint. We also offer trainings and learning community for practitioners looking to offer innovative and ethical group psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, integrating best practices in modern therapy and traditional ceremony. 

Follow the link below to our website if you're interested in joining our group ceremonies, 1:1 sessions, collaborating, or joining our learning community. We also rent our individual practice office in Greenpoint at an affordable rate to therapists, bodyworkers, and other qualified and values-aligned professionals. 


Adult Training & Transformational Educational Consulting

Trainings for Therapists | SEL Trainings for Educators | Retreat & Curriculum Design & Consultation

Education should be transformational. After working, directing, and designing youth programs for a decade, 8 years ago, I shifted my focus to supporting staff and organizations in implementing transformational social and emotional learning practices in programs and schools. I am currently building a pilot training program and learning community for therapists interested in running group psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy for day-long programs and multi-day retreats, in addition to running modern rites of passage for teens and adults. 


I offer a range of in-person and virtual workshops on implementing evidence-based and culturally responsive social and emotional learning, curriculum development, and adult learning. Each workshop and retreat is experiential, interactive, and transformaional, and ccustom-tailored to your specific organizational needs, capacity, and the youth or adults you serve. Participants will leave each workshop with an embodied and science-based understanding of the concepts and tools, and multiple specific strategies they can implement immediately to improve practices.

Let’s transform our education system so that we teach the whole child, therapists, and teachers.

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Hi, I'm Porter...

I bring 15 years of diverse and extensive experience at the intersection of education and psychology, including experience as a teacher in traditional and non-traditional settings, an expert in designing transformative experiences, a professional development facilitator for educators, and a skilled therapist and coach. ​I believe education and psychology are inextricably linked, and work tirelessly (with lots of naps) to provide thought leadership & support to systems and individuals across the lifespan.​ I offer powerful learning and transformation with 1:1 counseling sessions and design and run expert-led workshops and retreats for adults, educators, and youth programs.

It's a bit hard to put into words - but Porter is the best counselor I've worked with. You can tell that he is extremely intelligent and will be honest with you, but most importantly he is a genuinely kind person and it's easy to feel safe around him. I've felt safe and encouraged to voice any differences in opinion or doubts I have, and I think that is surprisingly rare to find in a counselor. You can tell that Porter has honed his craft, and spent a great amount of time and effort practicing to be the counselor that he is today. I hold his opinion in high regard, and I feel lucky to be his client.

Counseling Client | 23

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